From DefCult research—Attendance spectrum of various demographics

The first step for the Center was to align internal staff and invested partners—specifically the resident arts organizations and dedicated food purveyor. DefCult led three breakthrough sessions for these groups, each with a two-fold purpose 1) to improve relationships and create a collaborative environment 2) to develop creative solutions for better audience engagement and retention, with buy in and active participation from all parties.

Prior to the facilitations, DefCult’s research team conducted interviews and empathy research with 1) all session participants to understand their point of view and areas of commonality and difference 2) patrons in the 30-45 target demographic attending a performance and/or dining at the Center. Questions ranged from why they were visiting that night and what they looked for in a night-out, to their unique desires as patrons of the Center.

As in every DefCult facilitation, the sessions were bespoke to the needs of the assembled group and were developed from the research. After delivering the interview findings for the group to quickly grasp the issues amongst the parties, DefCult lead ideation labs to nurture communication, creativity and collaboration, combining ArtsPlay, visual story telling, and design thinking. The group ended by co-designing a memorable and multi-sensory experience at the Center, with the task that the user would want to return regularly.